Juiced paramotors V2 has a new battery

January 18, 2012
V2 Has a new battery pack!

I finally received 8 x hobbyking 6s 8000mah lipo battery packs so i modified the V2 platform and soldered up the new wiring harness.

The video's below on my youtube channel show two test i performed a few days ago.

when i fly now i leave more power remaining in the battery packs to ensure they last longer over the charge cycles, my last battery pack was charged to the max and drained pretty much every time i flew and as a result the weak cells began to show, so this pack will be treated with more care.

25mins flight time 8miles covered 600ft gained some low flying some higher flying.


26.5mins flying time 12.1miles covered, maintaing 100ft ish and see how far i can fly


V2 Paramotor test flight on the beach

September 17, 2011
flight 15th sept

changes to v2 paramotor

now using the castle creations 160hv ice speed controller with data logging function

new prop from helix

new drive belt

Below is the log file from the speed controller

Below is the gps map of the test flight

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V2 Juiced paramotor

August 3, 2011

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New design in progress

March 5, 2011
I have now gathered most of the parts needed for the refined version.

-Same motor, speed controller and 20ah batteries
-Refined drive system using timing belt and alloy pully's using a very similar gear ratio predicted prop rpm 2050
-All up weight of 15kg including harness and 20ah batteries.
-Small light weight aluminium frame with composite protection ring, all collapsible to fit into a suitable ruck sack.

Possibly the lightest powered flying machine? Imagine using this with a light weight parag...
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Flying at the beach in fog and 8mph onshore wind

February 17, 2011

22 minutes flying time using a tiny bit of lift from the 2m high dunes and obviously the electric motor.

Good fun flying low level in and out of fog banks,

The motor gives good opportunities to fly from these kind of sites that don’t have enough lift for free flight, and are to sensitive to noisy petrol motors.

Im really looking into making my setup lighter so I can add mor...

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Mixed lift flying test

February 13, 2011
Test flight on 12th feb 2011

Flown from slight hill as seen in previous videos,

Hill provides lift but not enough for free flight.

10 to 12 mph wind straight on to hill, air a bit bumpy so in flight i used some brake pressure to make wing more stable.

20ah battery used

Between 10 and 30 amps needed for level flight.

Battery pack temp at end of flight 20 degrees C

Duration 30 mins with plenty still left in battery pack, 44volts at end of flight. I should have flown for longer and fully depleted the ...
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No lift, low wind and flying from the flat test

February 13, 2011
Test flight on 10th Feb

Performed on the beach
5mph steady wind
zero lift conditions
20ah battery

Take off from flat beach and maintain 200ft with a 4 power off decents down to 20ft then full power climb back to

Flight time managed with depleted battery 15mins

65 to 70 amps draw needed to maintain level flight prop speed 1650rpm

Battery temp at end of flight 42 degrees C

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