Test flight on 12th feb 2011

Flown from slight hill as seen in previous videos,

Hill provides lift but not enough for free flight.

10 to 12 mph wind straight on to hill, air a bit bumpy so in flight i used some brake pressure to make wing more stable.

20ah battery used

Between 10 and 30 amps needed for level flight.

Battery pack temp at end of flight 20 degrees C

Duration 30 mins with plenty still left in battery pack, 44volts at end of flight. I should have flown for longer and fully depleted the battery but my hands were very cold!

Video taken on head cam but i got the angle wrong so all you can see is grass!


This is the type of flying i built this for, and i had a fantastic time flying, the ease of use, just switch the arming button then your ready to fly.

No prop spinning when preparing for launch.

Very quiet, i feel im not bothering anybody with noisy motors, and no ear protection needed.

Next stage is to build a light weight frame for the electric drive unit.