At the moment i own a Rad  Arrow Paramotor 120cc petrol, This motor has a 1.2m carbon fiber proppeller,so im going to use this prop on my project.


This motor produces 50kg of thrust.

The engine runs at 9500rpm and I believe it has a 1:3.8 reduction

This means the prop must spin at 2500rpm or slightly less under load to produce this thrust

I do not require this thrust so I have used an online model aircraft propeller calculator and played around with the figures to give me an idea of what propeller rpm I need.

I’m unsure of the accuracy of this but it’s the only thing that gives me an idea so far.

I may build a thrust rig for my current paramotor and record what rpm is needed for 35 to 40 kg of thrust.

At the moment I'm assuming I need 2000rpm 2200rpm prop speed.

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