So I need 2000  to  2200 rpm from my propeller

My battery is 44. Volts

The motor is rated at 180kv which means it will do 180rpm per volt

         180 X 44.4 =  7992rpm

I will also assume that the motor will not reach this rpm under load so I will say the motor will do 6500rpm at nominal voltage under load. (All assumptions but this is all I know)

Mechanical drive ratio needed to deliver prop speed:

                 7000 / 2200 = 3.5

So my Reduction ratio will be 3.5 : 1


I have thought about ways to deliver this ratio like, gears, belt and pulleys but have decided to use chain and sprocket drive.

I will use 8mm standard chain and sprockets used on midimotos, pitbikes and small quads.

These are readily available in all different sizes and cheap.

I have found sprockets on ebay 54 tooth and 17 tooth to give me the ratio. This should give me some thing near.


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