This is the heart of the paramotor and very difficult to find a suitable unit.

I know I will need a brushless motor with a suitable power, weight, and rpm/v

I have a good background in radio controlled aeroplanes; this is where most of the

commercially available equipment is from.

The motor i have found is for large scale rc planes.

Maximum Power: 7000W
ESC: 150A
Input Voltage : max. 48V 
Kv : 180 rpm/V
Weight: 1570g
Shaft: 12mm
Voltage Range: 20-48v

7000watts is about 10hp so I think for my application it will be ok.

After researching on  it seems that a few of the developers are using the same motor or a close variant. These users are Neil Andrews and Elektro found in the efforts underway bar.

Their does seem to be a few issues with bearings failing and magnets coming unstuck but I will strip the motor down and give it a overhaul like other rc users have and made it good.


I have found another motor that would be very useful for a more powerful paramotor but i will concentrate on my current project first.


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