Test flying the V2    32 amp hour  

More testing of the V2 

 First test runs showing motor mounted in a test frame then mounted in my petrol paramotor frame.

2nd test flight, wind 3  - 4mph across hill so no ridge lift.

10ah 45v battery again!


More testing with the new 20ah lipo pack

Welcome to my site containing information on my project to build an electric paramotor



Flight has always fascinated me and over the years, I have played around with radio controlled planes and learnt how to fly Paragliders and over the last few years been Paramotoring.

The idea of a lightweight quiet electric paramotor has been on my mind for while now, I have been following the progress of others on sites such as electricppg.com and decided to go for it and design my own. With lots of research trying to find suitable motors and equipment and studying pictures and specifications posted by others I have come up with a fairly lost cost solution.

Motor  $ 99

Motor controller $189

Batteries 20ah $ 400  (currently 10ah $200)

Battery charger $100

Propeller I already had but if bought would cost $500

(Wood propellers available a lot cheaper $150)

What I want


For me my design is for a ultra light weight standard configuration paramotor for use as a power boost when flying on small hills or shallow hills. My initial design will not be for taking off from the flat ground nor taking heavy weights airborne.


Design brief


-Light weight <15kg

-Collapsible frame

-Suitable for my weight 75kg

-produce 35 to 40 kg thrust

-flown with standard paraglider wings

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